Loose Tie Rods-Steering feels loose


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sup fellas..91 Civic Si B16A..my steering feels loose..when im driving i have about 2 inches of play in the steering wheel without the actual wheels/tires turning..got new shox/springs..but my front end feels loose..even makes a loose noise when i hit pot holes and shit..somebody told me my TIE RODS could be loose..could that be the problem??..any help would be appreciated..


Sup, tie rods, that is why your steering is loose i have an accord and when i hit little bumps like man hole covers it sounded like my wheel was gonna fall of i had it looked at and my tie rods had about 1 1/2inch of play for my car they cost 55 dollars a piec inside and outer tie rods took about and hour to doboth if you count your turns when taking off you can get almost perfect when putting back on still might have to get allignment


im having the same sort of problem, but my steering only begins to feel loose when i hit 70mph....anyone know what might cause this?


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worn tie rods will definitely make the steering wheel feel loose. so will bad ball joints too though, and make sure the wheel bearings are good also.

you should absolutely replace worn out suspension parts, because your wheels will fall off and you will have a bad wreck if you ignore it.

you should also definitely get an alignment when tie rods, or any suspension piece is replaced. you have no idea what the setting were when you started, and you have no idea what they are when you are done. unless you enjoy buying tires. quick example: i was aligning my crx, L outer tie rod end was bad. with the alignment heads on, toe was at -.17 degrees. 19 turns off, 19 turns back on (even left the jam nut in place) put the head back on, recalibrated, left toe was now negative .26. so just because you count turns, doesnt mean its perfect. it doesnt take much to make a change.

And about the loose steering at 70. that is most likely your tires. soft sidewall, low airpressures, theyll make the car seem floaty and unresponsive at speed


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how would i know which ones are bad?..(inner and outer tie rods)..is there any visible or mechanical symptoms that will help distribute which ones are bad..

also what about the wheel bearings?...what are the symptoms of a bad wheel bearing?..do they a particular noise?...

sorry to be a pain the ass..but this shit is new to me..last thing i wanna do is go buy a bunch of shit i dont need..any help would be appreciated..


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OK..cracked my shit open today..found out that the lower ball joint on the left side is shot...bushing is split and grease everywhere...

also the outer tie rod is loose as fuck on the left side..i can literally move it with my arm no problem..now what exactly would i have to get to replace that..a outer tie rod?..does the rubber bushing that is on the end of that come with the piece or is it seperate?..

any help is mos def appreciated..

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Sameish thing here. Over the last week my steering wheel went from straight up to go straight to a little more than an 1/8 of a turn to the left to keep it straight. Now it feels super easy to turn and pulls hard to the right on takeoff too. Also don't know if it has to do anything with it but makes a single click whenever I put the trans under power. Ie: take off from stop, going a set speed then letting off, getting on it after letting off. Any ideas?


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