Lopey idle

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I kow its not a honda, but thought i could get some ideas

To make a long story short...i have a 1990 celica Gt that my friend fixed up for me...New Head, head gasket kit, belts, rings, throttle position sensor etc...lots of new stuff went in......

My question is, its very lopey at idle...the rpm needle bobs up and down between 600rpm and about 1k, if you can picture that....Any idea for the cause....? Any ideas for a solution...The car runs 100% great, its just the ideal that is wierd






air in the coolant system is the #1 cause of lumpy idle. considering it worked before... i bet this is the case.
that, or the tps isn't adjusted properly, seeing as its new...

bleed it out... let it boil over and keep topping it off as you pump the lower hose with your hand. see if that fixes it.

oh, and wrong forum :p