Loss Of Torque

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Alright here is my situation, i have b16 eg with i/h/e. Ever since i put on the es tuning muffler i lost considerable amount of torque. b16's are torqueless wonders, but maybe there is something to help with low end torque. would you guys advise getting a hondata to tune it better? cams?


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since you put a new muffler on the car it is really in lack of low end torque? What exhaust size piping are you running? typically you should be running 2-1/4 for aftermarket applications, anything bigger on a stock or n/a car can and will result in a loss of low end power.


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a new header can also chang trq, some will give you more uptop but take it away down low. I am not sure what ones do what, some one else can respond to that. Yea, if you got to big of piping, too much back pressure can be lost and you will lose trq.


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what is an es tuning muffler?

did you dyno it to prove this loss in torque?


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I have a short ram aem intake, dc headers, and es tuning muffler with 2 1/4 cat back. ever since i put the muffler in ( which was a few weeks ago) i felt the loss of power in the lower end. When i had my pee shooter stock exhaust, the low end felt good. Now it feels like it struggles to get to 4,000 rpms but after about 4500 the needle jumps to redline fast. so up top i feel the power but at low end i feel the loss of power. any suggestions for low end?


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my bad header, yeah i don't have a v shaped engine... my bad. but whatever brian you and the technicalities. you sure have useful insight, being a smart ass. :rolleyes:
in case u havent read my PM yet...

i had the same problem when i got my cat-back.

1- advance your timing 2 degrees (if it isn't already)
2- reset your ECU

that should help quite a bit..at least in my case it did.

you might also look into getting APEXi silencers. they let you tune your exhaust by adding discs to your tailpipe. sounds ghey but if you are after that lost backpressure. its a sure way to get it back...and you can fine tune it by adding/removing discs. check them out at www.apexi.com

hey man, APEXi is having a garage sale at their shop in Orange, March 8th and 9th. they might have them on sale. I'm gonna go to see the cars their gonna have on display too. (skylines, supras, etc.)