Lost Accords: Generation 2 Hatchback

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I have an old 84 Accord 2DR Hatchback LX. It's a carbed. My current engine is a 1.8 Stock ES2 12 valve CvCC with only 86hp@ 5800rpm. It's got over 150k on it. It's not a total lost cause, because the body is in excellent shape and has all the early 80's sport features prior to the generation 3 EFI models. I love the car and want to see more power without having to turn the car inside out. I want to swap to an enigne that has more aftermarket compatibility without having to reengineer the entire car. I found that my options look like an early A20A or a Prelude B20A which would require some modification and a new transmission. I plan to avoid EFI and use a dual Weber 40 DCOE set up for carbs. My limitations seem to be based on wheel width, mounting, and CV joints or tranny compatibility. I've seen quite a few G3 Accord Hatchbacks raced up but I want my G2 to have a new lease on life. Any suggestions?
damn man i dunno :blink: it's not a great motor but i would have to go with the old b20a i've seen a few old ludes with those built a lil with basic stuff and some nitrous do all right but i don't think you're gonna get a whole lot out of either motor. if you're just wanting to give your car a new life with a little pep definitly go with the b20a


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Thanks for the tip, I was really interested in using a B20A from an early Prelude but will it be compatible with a G2 Accord mount, do you know anyone who has done it? I know I can get an A20A in with no problem but I really would like DOHC. I'm concerned with getting it in with little modification. But will a B20A bolt up to an ES2 transmission? If I have to change out the transmission I may have a problem with CV joint width. The G2 hatcback body is like 2" narrower than the G3's. We comparison measured the center to center tire distance between a G2 and G3 Accord. VTEC is out of the question for me unless I upgrade the head. I'm really not looking to get more than a total of 125-130 hp. Right now I get 86 hp with the standard carb on it, which is better suited for a John Deere. It's going to be a naturally aspirated car with no nitro. I just want better acceleration and reliability, it's not going to be a track car. The Webers alone, when tuned right should give me about a 10- 15hp boost over the shitty standard emission friendly Honda Carb. This is going to be a street car only. I'm also considering swaping out the rear disk brakes from a Prelude for my drums in the back. At least the Accord LX hatchback has rear wishbone suspension. Any other ideas? It's just a basic project car.


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The closest you'll get help from is in this board http://3geez.com they are dedicated to 3 geez but we have a few 2 gee members that i believe have swapped the A20 in it.
If you still have trouble finding help, email me at OldSchoolSwap@hotmail.com and i will try to find those specific members for you.

Good luck!


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If you can source one of these motors,they would be your best bet.

1983-1987 Honda Prelude Gen 2

Japanse trim levels:

XC, XZ, XX, 2.0Si

USA trim levels:

Base, 2.0Si

Engines for 83-87 Prelude:

Engine HP Valvetrain Fuel Liters

ES 125@5800 SOHC 16V CARB 1.8
B20A 160@6300 DOHC 16V PGM-FI 2.0
A20A4 110@5800 SOHC 12V PGM-FI 2.0
EK 100@5500 SOHC 12V 2 CARB 1.8