Lots O Dings And Scratches! Help

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I just picked up my new shell about 2 weeks ago....Problem being, (I'll never do this again) bought it off ebay for like $1750. Had gs-r brakes...and no interior whatsoever, but I thought hey the body is in decent shape. WRONG

I noticed like 7 or 8 door dings, I know dent doctor(guy up here) can do that and tap them out nicely, but i have no clue what that costs...and also, the car is covered in touch up, and scratches. I noticed a new one today...I think someone keyed the car, cause thats what it looks like....l

Also the driver quarter panel had some dents pulled out with that tool that cuts a small hole in the body and you bondo it up....it was covered up good, but the paint is starting to crack. There is also a crack on the edge right where the driver door shuts. on the body side. looks like a slit in the actual body.....its noticeable....Should I just take this to a body shop and pay for it all, or should have the scratches touched up(better), and dent doctor knock out the lil dings everywhere?

How much would a decent respectable paint job run me??????(stock red)

AM I being too anal ??? Just let it go, and build up my motor?b18c1


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if you find someone who will do a good job but not kill you on labor rate $1500+ My friends father in law is cleaning up my whole car and repaiting most of it for a little over $2000


I'm just about that action Boss.
Yeah 1500+ is good. Personally I am leaving my car ghetto as hell, like non matching bumpers, broken alteeza's and stuff so people will think I am just another gay ricer but when they try to pass they will know it isn't just another ricer. But a cleaned up stock looking car also has a great effect on people too. I would just call up body shops and get estimates up the galore if you are serious about doing body and paint.