Lots Of Misc Honda Parts

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honda parts
3 sets of h23 injectors
2 h23 complete manifolds
h23 ecu
lots of misc h23 and 22 sensors bolts and stuff
2 h series flywheels
2 h23 timing belts and 2 balncer belts
1 h22 timing belt and 2 h22 balncer belts
h23 wiring harness
d16y6 exahaust manifold and downpipe
h23 exhasut manifold and downpipe
h23 full head needs machined
h23 distributor
2 f22 internal coils for all you buys who kept the interanl coil in there h22 swap
2 h23 external coils
1 h23 crankshaft brand new
4 h22a rods
4 h22a pistons on h23 rods
1 used h23 crank
1 h22 crank pulley
1 h23 crank pulley
1 h22a ac compressor
h22a ps pump
h22a alterantor
f22b ps pump
f22b alternator
f22b shift linkage
h22 shift linkage
h23 tranny jsut rebuilt no grinds at all all sensors vss and backup light switch
d16y6 tranny no grinds rides fine all sensors vss and backup light switch
alot of other stuff

apexi rev speed meter with little apexi pin light
axis shift indicator
dtm muffler brand new

one mest up 5th gen accord vis carbon fiber hood can be fixed
vis type r grille 5th gen accord
98 civic hatch front bumper black in great condition

just give me an offer on any of these parts
email me crazycraka@nc.rr.com aim Importracer1234 or pm me thanks
some more stuff to add
I have 3 rh c2 evo 17's the one piece rare design have 3 yoko paradas need to be reolaced kinda bald
4th rim is bent needs fixing can be fixed
and I have type s cams for a h22a
and 2 sets of h23 cams
2 p13 oil pump housings
2 p13 rear main seal housings
2 timing belt lower and upper covers
3 h23 valve covers
3 brand new h23 pistons and rods
h23 main bearing caps
2 sets of h23 head bolts
1 set of h22 head bolts
I prolly ahve alot more

Like I siaid earlier make an offer I need to clear my garage thanks
my friend wants to get 350 shipped for them but will talk about it
my friend wants about 600 shipped for the rhs cause they rare but will negotiate and the 4th one I am sorry but it cracked and I dotn think there is no way in hell it is gonna get fixed cause I looked at it today so I would know exact conddition and I dont think the 4th one can be fixed
wee one more thing I found a 2g t25 turbo needs to be rebuilt has return line o2 housing blah blah make an offer