Low Fuel Warning Light


I have just replaced my gauge cluster with a Si gauge cluster assembly. My previous cluster does not have a low fuel warning light, now I have one for the Si unit. Anyone has any idea whether is there any additional wiring needed for the Si gauge assembly for the low fuel warning light to appear? I am running pretty low now touching the empty mark once in a while on up-slopes and right turns, but at stationary, the needle floats just slightly above the red mark. I understand that even at the empty mark, there is still quite alot of gas left in the tank. At what stage usually and at what parameters does the low fuel warning light appear? Does the light activate from signal conveyed from the fuel gauge sending unit or the fuel gauge itself? Is it microprocessor activated? If additional wires are needed, what wires are they? (2 plugs, one with 10 wires and another with 12 wires)



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My gas warning light has never worked, ever since I bought the car. I found that out when I was on a date a week or so after I bought my Si. I was driving on the freeway coming home from the beach and my car started pooping out, I looked at the gas needle and it was passed the red mark. Ended up running out of gas on the side of the freeway, wow what an excellent thing to do when I was on my first date with this girl.

after that I found out my gas warning light never worked. I don't really care cause I always fill up before it gets to the red mark anyway.