ls/b20 Vtec, Whats the point? I dont get it, anyone care to help me understand this?

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Ok so I was reading this page.


Then I got to the part in the post when the CR's were mentioned.

9.6:1 - P74 LS Pistons
10.0:1 - P72 GSR Pistons
10.8:1 - P73 US ITR Pistons
11.0:1 - P73 JDM ITR Pistons
11.5:1 - PR3 Pistons
11.7:1 - P30 Pistons
12.4:1 - CTR Pistons

Ok, Many I have seen they take the head and block, get the conversion kit and they are done. So your ending up with a lsvtec that has 9.6:1 CR, and this is what i do not get at all.

From what I can tell all b16s have higher than 10:1 CR, I thought an lsvtec was to be like a D series minime where you actually get a higher compression and with a tune much better perfomance than say a z6 or a y8.

But then it boggles me even more cause, Your taking a junkyard or imported ls/b20 block, tear it down and rebuild it, If needed machining of the head and deck will need to be done. Toss in some high comp pistons, vtec conversion kit so your vtec head will work.

And there's allot more in here but the exces cash that I see being tossed around is unneeded when you could just take your b16/18 vtec's and build them for a high compression?

If your going turbo why do this still?

Now If your already nonvtec I can kinda understand a little bit but if I am going to spend the coin I might aswell get a compleat vtec motor and build that instead of combining the 2, I still think in the end your going to spend less.

I don't get it at all and its confusing the hell out of me as to why anyone would want do this? I thought about it then I started actually reading on these setups and I do not understand at all why this is a good setup when just building what you have seems to be cheaper and you end up with the same results in the end.
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Most people that do a LSV already have a B18a/b so that cuts the cost down a lot. so lets put it all togeather.

high comp rebuild about 700 tops

GSR head 200-300

Vtec conversion kit 150 with headgasket.

total cost 1150 just about thesame as a gsr right? but it will make about 20-30 more whp depending on compression and tune.

If you have a gsr that needs a rebuild and you want to get a lil more power you make your gsr a LSV. use ls crank and rods with what ever pistons you want.

in other words, sometimes its cheaper and you get more HP:$ with a LSV than a GSR.