Ls Engine Rebuild

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I have a 94 Integra Engine with about 130,000 miles on it, I was wondering if I would be better off buying and new LS engine swap and rebuilding that one, or just rebuilding the one I have. I am building the engine to run around 20-24 psi AT MOST, what should i get? turbo Camshafts, bore to 84mm (by Golden Eagle), new pistons, rods, anything else? plus if i should get a new engine, where would be the cheapest place to get one. THanks for all and any help :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
sweet crap 24 psi?? is this an all out drag motor. and yes you gotta do alot more than rods, pistons and sleeve... find a local reputable shop and have some major fuel tuning done, not to mention a full over haul..... i'd reconsider 24 psi if this is the vehicle you have to get to work/school with.
also, if you're resleeving it anyway, you could have a million miles on it and it would be just as good... good luck to you, sounds expensive :)
its goin to take a lot of money and time.....if you want to run 24 psi....get everyhting to be ont he safe sounds to me like you have money to burn so get everything built and done professionally. basically what stays stock is the block itself, youll need everyhting from a new sleves and rods and all kinds of shit...definitly get a hondata system or some thing comparable which i dont think there is. id recommend golden sleeves that are 84mm and only the best parts....theres the right way and the easy way...the easy way out will mean youll be paying 10 times more in the long run....get what im sayin?? :spin:
I saw a 491hp street integra running 28psi of boost. How does he get around? A boost controller of course. Its normally on 15psi and when he races or do dyno runs he turns it to 28psi.
huge difference between 15-28 psi, but it's your project i guess.. i'm telling you 15 psi will floor that integra and you'll shit yourself the first time you feel it
No its not my project. It belongs to a guy named Aaron Bonks.
I dont really know. The integra he has is stock interior and exterior, so im guessing he has a just has "enough" money or he has alot of money but likes the stock interior/exterior.
Well I said 20-24 psi AT THE MOST, which means only at the track, other wise i want around 12-15 psi...but what companies and/or products would you recommend for rebuilding a motor?
something that should be said more is PSI means nothing! set a power goal then try to go get it

just plan on doing sleeves, rods, pistons, head work, head studs, custom intake manifold, custom exhuast manifold/exhuast some 720 or bigger injectors Tec 2/3 system list goes on set a goal before you start it will save you time and money I wish I did it that way =)

the shop I deal with built a Type R that runs 25PSI on the street with pump gas its all about tuning he also runs a 100 shot on top of the 25PSI
anything can be done it just cost money

I myself would not start the project with out atlest! $10K for engine/turbo
I don't even want to add up how much I have into my engine and I still need tons of more goodies bigger injectors/custom intake manifold and other goodies my list goes on