Ls Into Crx

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I have a 91 crx si the engine and tranny are gone to shit,but my freind is giving me his engine tranny axles and ecu and what ever else i need from his 91, so my ? is what do i need i know motor mounts hasport is what i was thinking and what else do i need
You need the mounts from Hasport, Linkage from hasport, you have to bang a dent into the firewall where the crank pulley will be located, Teg ECU, Teg harness, Teg tranny,(anything else Guys?)
Slow down captain,I just a week ago finished my 1991 LS into a 1990 CRX Si, so its the exact same deal. dont be telling him stuff he doesnt need. #1 get hasport mounts or an equivalent hasport is recommended but not needed. #2 DONT GET HASPORT LINKAGE, they are usually not made correctly and u have to chop it urself anyway. so my advice is, since u have the 1991 integra, take its linkage, and chop it an inch or 2 and weld it back together, thats what i use, and my friends uses the same thing on his 300 hp B18c1/T so it will easily work, just put the car in neutral, and measure how far u need to cut. Next, yes u need a fair sized dent on the drivers side frame, use a big sledge and giver 5-6 shots and it should be fine. Next DONT USE TEG HARNESS, its fucking pointless. the only difference is the SI has small injectors, but dude trust me, it makes barely any difference unless ur going turbo or Nitrous. also, get new timing belt and oil pan gaskets, to be safe. also, if u dont know how to weld ( like me) get a special piece of piping that will fit 2 sides of ur exhaust, b/c u have to cut it to get downpipe to fit, and if ur doing it on jackstands it will make it alot easier than welding under that car. U need Teg ECU, Axels, Remove Dust shields or the wheels wont spin, also i cant stress this enough, PUT IN THE REAR MOUNT 1st. it wont fit otherwise, but dont get hasport linkage, use 91 CRX Si harness, and other than that u should be good to go, as i said i just finished my swap with some friends so if u get stuck PM me or email me and ill help as much as i can.