ls or b20

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Which will run faster in my 92 hatch, the ls or b20, no vtec. i am thinking Ls will win cuz of more hp, but why does b20 cost more than LS. plus should i go for ls turbo or b20 turbo? any advice would help thanks ^_^


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92 hatch? I would go LS/T setup. The B20 cost more b/c i believe they only come in the CRV, depending on your area, there might not be many of them in the junk yards. LS blocks are a dime a dozen almost anywhere. If your not ready for the maint of a turbo. I would go LS/VTEC.. (LS block and GSR head with ITR pistons (or roller wave) and CTR cams if you wanna use honda stuff).. but if my wallet was fat. Then click at the top link on the actual board about LS/CR VTEC frankenstien's.. I would go wild all the way.