Ls swap into ek

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I'm sure many people have started this thread, but mine is a bit more personal.

Remember: I have been looking into, and reading up on this swap; however my knowledge/experience on swapping is very limited.

I would like to work on my car for a school project and I love the sound of an LS swap, but I only have around a $1,000 budget, give or take.

I started to get interested in the idea but was virtually turned off completely when people told me to only buy off HMO, where of course, a B18B runs for over 2 grand. NOT AN OPTION.

Do you believe I would be able to find all necessary componenents for a succesful swap within the range of $1,000. If so, where? A junk yard, other online sources?
Any thoughts would be graciously appreciated.

And trading out the tranny is not a current concern of mine (I may eventaully turbo the vehicle where longer gear ratios would be optimal.)

I don't think you are going to find a swap for that price, the cheapest I found was 1200 on ebay and it still needed linkage, axles and from the looks of it a bunch of little stuff (dist wires, hoses etc.)
expect to pay 1500-2000 for a decent LS swap unless you know someone at a junkyard or buy a totalled integra, and dont be offended by hmo's prices, you get what you pay for with them, 2000+ gets you very low mileage engine with nearly everything you need to put it into your car.
I got my entire swap for 900. I helped my buddy pull the motor out of a car that had been written off and bought at the local auction. Since the swap was complete the only thing i need are two mounts from honda which are about 100. that means i got the whole swap, minus fresh fluids, for 1000 canadian.
you can find a swap for $500-$1200 on craigslist.

or you can find a wrecked car someone is parting out.
Yeah, I know $1,000 is pushing it. But I know the deals are out there.

It is just finding the right one, and making sure it is a trustworthy engine.

Yeah you should have bought it!

So what mounts do I need to buy if I am swapping a B18 in?? Only 2?
buddy ls motors are everywhere u can find a deal very easily u just need to looks for it
This thread is over a month old and the original poster never responded, why are you all still posting?

Im picking up a B18b for $800 US. Comes with trans, motor, complete head, axles and ecu. Only need a few small things.