Ls Swap To An 89' Crx

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ok im doing a swap with my 89' crx im putting a 95' LS motor in and i need ot know all the hardest things to do when persuing this swap and also please let me know anything that would make doing this swap easier for me and the info i need the most right now is how do i do the wiring on it??? will i need a wiring harness conversion kit?????? tell me all you know thnx guys/girls
First things first, I'm not expert on this, having only done (and not finished) one swap in my own 89 CRX.

You'll need engine mounts. I used HASport mounts, but even then beware, your hood may hit the top of the motor. So you may wind up need a motor. (I have an LS/Vtec). The problem is that the LS B motor is a little taller than are Vtec B motor. You might be OK with just the LS as the head MAY not be as tall as the Vtec head. Also you will have to bang the driver's side frame rail to get clearance for the alternator pulley. Go to the HASport site, they have directions.

Your 1995 LS is an OBDI system. Your 89 CRX is non-OBD. There are several considerations. Do you have the DX model (the standard) or the HF or Si? HFs and Si's have multipoint injection and the distributor has the CYL sensor. The DX model is dual point (fires two injectors at a time). Also its distributor does NOT have a CYL sensor. So if you have an HF or Si you are in fairly good shape as it regards the FI and the distributor.

If not you MUST convert the DX's dual point to Multipoint FI first. Also if you have a DX then there are two plugs that go to the distributor (7 wires). Check to see how many plugs are on your LS distributor and how many wires there are.

Since you have an OBDI engine you'll need the OBDI ECU and that will also require a conversion harness from non-OBD to OBDI. (Check HASport again). Oh, and you'll need shift linkage too to go with the HASport mounts. Opps, forgot you'll probably need axles too.

Still you may have to do some wiring. OBDI uses a 4 wire O2 sensor, your CRX has a one wire O2 sensor. (check on prices of sensors as Honda/Acura O2 sensors can cost like $200-300. NAPA told me mine would cost $400. So you'll have to wire the 4 wire sensor. Since you don't have Vtec, you don't need to worry about wiring it.

The radiator hoses barely fit size-wise. The length is OK, but your little motor has slightly smaller hoses. I just squeezed mine to make 'em fit, but I really think I'll need to change them out. Also for my LS/Vtec I've got a throttle cable problem with my throttle body, but you might not. Take a look at your LS and see if the throttle actuates like your CRX's. You might be in good shape. My clutch cable was a bit tight but fit.

You might wind up having to get some coolant hosing, clamps, and some vacuum line too.

Keep searching for more info. I'm just one data point. Good luck
dude, 2nd gen integra is also a non-obd, u will need a new wiring harness, or the hasport thing that changes non-obd to obd1. U will need the following pieces aside from the motor and the tranny. obd1 ecu,integra wiring harness,Mounts, Shift Linkage(from integra)( must cut it to make it fit), throttle cable from integra, 89 integra upper rad hose,oil, coolant, new spark plugs ( i reccomend), new clutch(i reccomend), and that should b all.
thnx guys ...but is there anything else that anybody might have forgotten??? and im confused ..will i or will i not need a new wiring harness/wiring harness conversion? thnx again everybody :worthy: