Ls/turbo In My 91 Hatch?

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Junior Member
I was wondering if anybody on this board has done the LS/Turbo swap into an 88-91 hatch? I have been checking prices on LS engines and trannies and have found some cheap prices. Can anybody post 1/4 or 1/8 times? I am trying to be different as I know theres not a lot of peeps here in the Cincinnati area with the swap. I want to be as original as possible. Help!
ok first thing.... fuck being original... just be fast... does anything else really matter???
next it depends on how crazy you go with the build ... you can end up running anywhere from 13's to 10's
you'll want to use a B18A (OBD-0, cable tranny) it will be a much more direct swap than a later B18B (OBD-1 or 2, Hydro tranny)