LS/VTEC 90 EF Please Help!!

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Hey all, this is my first post on the web site. I recently aquired a 90 EF Hatch for 75 bucks. (running, driving car) So i decided I would make myself a little sleeper, now I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on the car, but I do want to go fast, if that makes any sense. I jst picked up an LS motor and trans out of a 90 Integra for 300 bucks and have bought front and back top and bottom strut bars. I plan to build for all motor with possibly a shot of NOS in the future. I have quite a few questions as far as the swap goes. If someone could enlighten me to the right kind of internals and where I can find them as far as pistons, rods, and crank. Will the tranny that I got with the motor work? Where and what kind of axles am I going to have to get? What would be the best ECU? Is there any other things I'm going to have to switch in order to do the swap? Now keep in mind their will be no body work done at all, just motor. I'd like the best bang for my buck, and I would like to run in the 13's. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Even if you can give a web site where I can find the info. Thanks to all who reply!!


90 Civic Hatch EF
89 Chrysler Conuest TSi
16G, JE Forged Pistons, Apexi AVCR, 75 shot - 310 rwhp @ 25 psi
if you have an ls add a b16 or b17 v-tec head (ls vtec) for more compression and the first thing that i heard goes out on these engines is the rods so get some good ones. as far as where to get them you could pretty much get this stuff almost anywhere. search the net for a while and take your time to make a decision on what to get. as far as axles i think integra 91-93 stock will do unless you plan on a super fast car. before you do anything what is your budget?