LS/Vtec But Vtec wont work

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hello everyone.
i have a civic with a b18a and i had a problem with the head, and i tried fixing it, but no good. it kept ticking but it turn out to be the block ALSO had a ticking noise.
yes it was a bearing. i fixed it, and i had a GSR head with TYPE R internals that i was perfectly using and working.
and now with this LS block, when i took it for a spin with the spun bearing, VTEc worked three time, after the thisrd time, no more.
i fixed the block, and still no vtec, i changed the oil.
still no vtec.
the OIL LINE was checked. no VTEC, i check the oil pressure, (perfect) No vtec,
i changed the selenoid 3 times, 3 diffrent ones, working in other cars too, no vtec,
the ECu is sending signal perfect, no vtec.
i put the selenoid direct to it clicks but when u drive NO VTEC!!
i check the rocker arms, to see if the center pin moves, and it moves perfect. NO VTEC
a friend of mine told me to put Marvel mystory oil, and see what happens.
and i did. couple of hours later,
IT WORKED!! this was at 3:00pm
at 6:30pm it stoped.
no more vtec.
i've tried everything i can think of, i even called people that know their HONDA STUFF and they dont know why.
maybe someone here does i dont know, but if you do please help me out, im about to throw that S*** away.
ANY ideas would help please anyone.
i've put Ls/Vtec together before and i've never had that problem before and i've used -4 lines and no problems.
Sorry so long of a story but i had to explain.
brake ur heads people cuz i've broken mines. its crazy.