Ls/vtec Do I Have To Change My Pistons?

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lets say if i was to go LS/vtec. what are all the required parts i would need? i know i would need a complete vtec head, distributor, and ecu. i was wondering is it necessary to replace the pistons (higher compression pistons) and stronger rods as well? Since im in a budget right now... i was thinking of just doing the head swap w/o changing the pistons... would that work? would i still make more power than before?


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You don't have to change any internals, but it's recommended so you can take advantage of the power potential of this engine setup, and beef it up to handle the higher revs as well.


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It is a good idea to at least run some B16 pistons instead of LS pistons. The reason is VTEC heads have larger intake valves that the LS head and the valve reliefs on the LS head are not large enough for those valves. I have seen a few instances of minor contact, especially when running cams larger than GSR/B16 (not CTR).