ls/vtec into a 98 hatch! help

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i have a ls/vtec b18b1/gsr that came out of a 95 integra. today i put the motor in my 98 dx hatch.
i thought the ls harness would work but turns out it doesnt.

I need to know what i need to do to get the wiring to work! i need my car running asap!

it is an OBD1 motor and i have an OBD2 car. I already have the obd2 to obd1 conversion harness. i just need to know what car harness i need and i think what distributor

do i need a obd2 b series harness? will a 99-00 civic si harness work? i have the d16y7 harness, would it work?

do i need a obd 2 distributor? or will the one that on the gsr head work?

i need to know what to buy adn i need it asap! if u have what i need let me know!

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Dude....You use the harness that goes with the car. OBD2a (98 EK Hatch) to OBD1 (LS/VTEC) Hope you didnt get the OBD2b conversion harness...Hahaha.

If you want a major headache swap that harness and see what happens, Because if you use the harness thats in the car right now all's you have to do is the IACV fix (unless your conversion harness has that jumped for you already) and you need to wire up VTEC.

i thought the ls harness would work but turns out it doesnt.
What LS harness? What harness is in the car right now?

Slow down pup. Your reading WAY to far into this, Its much easier than your making it out to be in your head.
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