Ls/vtec on p28 ecu

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I have a ls vtec with a stock p28 computer. The head is a stock gsr head. The thing is it feels like it stops making power around 5k rpms. I don't know why that is happening. I put a p06 computer and the same thing happens. The vtec doesn't work because I don't have a working speed sensor on it. Maybe someone can tell me what maybe wrong?


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because that computer is designed to run a sohc vtec engine , not a dohc ls-vtec engine. you need to fix your speed sensor, and then get the ecu chipped and tuned.


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Exact same setup I was running actually. The p28 is a good ecu to use but you need to get it socketed and tuned with something like Chrome or actually get Hondata.


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I could also be Possible that Your Fuel Pump is Weak Or Your Fuel Pressure Regulator is Leaking. Causing the fuel Pressure to be lower than where it is at. that would make your car run lean and your would loose power only at high rpms. low and mid rpms it would run fine but when it gets up there you may feel the power go away.