Ls\vtec Or Ls\t

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Im decided on either going ls\vtec , or ls\Turbo? Any suggestions? I have a while to decide, because im saving up my money.
these setups very different... what do you want out of the car?? how much do you want to spend?
Is an ls\Vtec pretty reliable? coul I get the high revs "like 8200" with b16 head if i were to use ls crankshaft, si rods, si pistons, vtec oil pump?
An LSVTEC is as reliable as you build it. You can rev to 8200 RPM with the stock crank. Si rods, I assume you mean B16, are a bad choice because they are shorter than LS rods. This lowers the R/S ratio to the point where you start having problems and it would drop compression significantly even with the domed B16 pistons.

With the only change being swap LS pistons for B16 pistons I was running 8200 with my LSVTEC no problems. I used the VTEC oil and water pumps. Spend $55 for some ARP for some extra insurance and you are golden.
Is there a site on how to build an ls vtec like the one that you have, because I heard they were limited to like 6800 rpms "ls redline" Is it true that B16 pistons will make higher compression than Integra type r pistons?

Yeah, the ARP rod bolts, sorry I am incapable of typing today.

Limited to 6800 RPM is :bs: especially if you get the ARP rod bolts.

My LSVTEC cost me like $2500 to do it the first time. And I started with the LS bottom end. I am in the process of rebuilding it because my cylinder walls were to hosed to get a fresh bore and still run 81mm pistons. So I am going to 81.5mm. But an LSVTEC can be built right for around $2500 dollar if you don't have to buy the LS bottom end.
Originally posted by Ractive78@Jan 29 2003, 02:53 AM
What kind of power does your lsvtec put out? Did which head did you go with?

I have never had it on the dyno nor have I run it at the track so I can't tell you what kind of power it makes, but it is worlds more than my stock B18A did. I am about 1/2 a car faster than dohcvtec_accord's H22A Accord. :)

I used a B16A head because a local guy got me a B16A long block no distributor for $650.

The parts I got for $2500 were:
B16A Long Block (I used the head, intake manifold, and pistons)
2001 ITR Intake/Exhaust cams
1994 GSR ARP Head Studs
GSR Water Pump
ITR Oil Pump
GSR Timing Belt
Rod Bearings
ITR Clutch and PP
A new throwout bearing and pilot bearing
Total Seal Piston Rings
LS Head Gasket
A Home made VTEC oil line
And the machine work required for the conversion

The article in our FAQ is a great reference for this build.
When he said 6800 rpm readline I think he ment ecu limited which would be the case if you used the ls ecu, but you wouldnt want to do that because then you would have to get something to engage vtec. I would use a b18c1 ecu or something similar, I think the b16a ecu works actually...
Originally posted by lsvtec@Jan 28 2003, 05:07 PM
This lowers the R/S ratio to the point where you start having problems and it would drop compression significantly even with the domed B16 pistons.

If you rev your engine high with small rods it may also cause the cylinder walls to flex, turning the cylinder into a oval shape.
Hence me saying it lowers the R/S ratio to the point that it starts to be a problem.

Yeah, if he said ECU limit then it is true, but if you are building an LSVTEC don't reuse the LS ECU. For OBD1 get a 94-95 P72 (GSR) ECU. For OBD0 get a B16A ECU.
first, what kind of car do you have? The LSvtec is only economical If you have an ls block (integra) Buying the ls block then the b16 head and rebuilding everything is going to cost you more than just buying a gsr