LS VTEC Swap 2marrow, Do I have everything I need?

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I am doing my lsvtec tomarrow and was wondering if I have everything I need to be completely done with the swap tomarrow, heres a list:

-OBDI Complete B16a3 Head (IM, FR, etc.) (Has been decked/surfaced)
-OBDI B16 Shock Tower-to-Engine Wiring Harness
-OBDI Alternator
-OBDII-OBDI Conversion Harness
-OBDI Chipped P72 w/o knock sensor
-B&B LsVtec Oil Conversion Kit w/ 20'' Steel Braided Line & Fittings
-Golden Eagle LsVtec Dowel Pins
-LS Headgasket
-B16 Head Bolts
-LS Dizzy (going to cut off one of the legs to make it fit)

Also if anyone has any good tips to make this install run as smooth as possible let me know please, Thank You...
Just found a IM gasket and had to drive to Middletown CT to get it but atleast I got it and didnt have to make one outta gasket maker, woulda sucked and probably surged due to a leak....