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I am new to this but I have been doing some homework. I already bought my b16 head but dont know what else to put with it? I already have dc sports 4-1 headers, cold air, ctr pistons,comptech fly wheel act street strip clutch. I also have a skunk2 exhaust and aem fuel rail and regulator. these are some of the things i am thinking of buying,you guys tell me what u think.

1.bbk throttle Body 70mm(is this to big for skunk manifold)?
2.skunk2 intake manifold
3.skunk2 stage III cams with there valve train kit
4.either eagle rods or arp head studs (which one is better?)
5.I was thinking about injectors but dont know what size to run?
6.block guard
7.I am also thinking about nos but dont know how big of a shot i can use with the ctr pistons.
8.fuel pump.
9.I also heard that i should use a type r fuel pump. Does that make a big diff over using a gsr fuel pump?

I am open to any other suggestions U guys might have let me know especially if its to much or to little. Also what type of time slips should i expect out of this setup? What does a reg ls/vtec run in a bubble?