Ls Vtec

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im building a ls vtec for my 99 civic dx. i was wondering if the eagle h beam rods are any good for this. im going to have 11.5-12:1 c/r and want to rev it high hopefully around 9000 maybe 9500 im replacing everything in both bottom and top. i was also wondering if the head is a 95gsr and i buy a 95 ecu will i still have to convert the obd over.

thanks for your help
Calesta ran Eagle rods in his cr/vtec that seen 8500 rpm's daily. Never any problems. I actually think Eagle rods are the most used here. Everyone seems to be pleased and they are excellect quality for the price.
Damn Codee, I need to name you my official spokesperson or something. :lol:

Eagle rods are excellent- they'll handle whatever you want to throw at them in a street driven application.