lsd install and bearings...

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before we get started, I did use the search engine and didn't come up with the info I was looking for. most of the posts were can I put tranny A into car B ect.....if I missed the info and it has already been posted I appolgise in advance.

I'm installing an lsd in my z6 tranny along with some carbon coated syncros from gear speed. I was wondering what else I should replace while I'm in there. I'd rather make sure everything is good now, then have to do this again later. I have the tranny apart and the bearings that go on the differential will need replaced as they are a little rough. but what other bearings and seals would you replace? usually when people talk about rebuilding trannys they just say replace syncros bearings and seals but they don't say which ones...... I'm thinking I'll replace the speedo gear as well, that way I don't have to mess with the old one. so if some one could tell me which bearings and seals should be replaced it would be appriciated.
Originally posted by Taco15@Jul 21 2005, 11:25 AM
whats the website where you found your carbon syncros? I'm looking for some for my B16 tranny
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I got them from GearSpeed on ebay. there is also some one who sells them on HT as well.

Get the final drive from an Si transmission.. install it! UBER d-trans!

P.S. I have a si trans laying there... just... laying there..

PSS.. NEVERFRIGGINMIND.. I was thinking you had a ZC trans. I have one of those too... ah hell, I need to quit whoring my d-series trans parts all over the place.