LSVTEC Dowel Pins

I am in the MIDDLE of my lsvtec swap and its loks like the dowel pins I bought specifically are suposed to be for lsvtec and they look like theyre not gonna fit, they go from small to big, but which goes where(ls block, or b16 head) are they supposed to be smaller or bigger then the old ones? Please help me I am in dyer need of help right now? please include pics of them and/or a head with them in or block with them!!!!!


Whichever end fits in the block goes in the block, and whichever end fits in the head goes in the head. Common sense, dude, there's 1 of 2 possible ways it could go. It would take a whole 3 seconds to stick one end in the block, and if it doesnt fit flip it around. Jesus Crack Smoking Christ!


what are you doing trying to "build" a motor if you can't figure this one out on your own.......WOW is all I have to say~!