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got some money saved up and im ready to start buying parts for my lsvtec setup
i got a 94 sol. i wanted to know if anyone can give me a list of EVERYTHING that is needed when doing this swap, from the block to the motor mounts and anyother wires i would need. ive searched around but cant find a detailed list.


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Originally posted by Speedracer228@May 25 2005, 01:33 PM

<_< LS VTEC Build article

that took about half a second to find
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definitly. that article is the best way to get a reliable ls/vtec. just make sure you have enough money to complete it right. read the article, establish what you want to build the motor for, make a parts list of what you want and add it up.


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Just build it right with quality parts the first time around! Just remember to take your time and do your homework on the build.

Keep in mind that the motor is just as reliable and the builder built it to be!