Luck or Destiny? Project Z back on track.

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
sorry, didn't feel like typing it out again...:D

[13:25] Airj0ckey: your going to be to slow
[13:25] *** Auto-response from Subl1meRomeo: I am currently away from the computer.
[13:41] Subl1meRomeo: do what now
[13:41] Airj0ckey: I'll race you when the Z is done
[13:42] Subl1meRomeo: lol
[13:42] Airj0ckey: take a guess at what I scored today
[13:42] Subl1meRomeo: sr20
[13:42] Airj0ckey: nope
[13:43] Subl1meRomeo: dunno
[13:43] Airj0ckey: it starts with an R
[13:43] Subl1meRomeo: rb20
[13:43] Airj0ckey: +5
[13:43] Subl1meRomeo: lol
[13:43] Subl1meRomeo: nice!
[13:43] Airj0ckey: then add a DET to it
[13:44] Subl1meRomeo: ;)
[13:44] Airj0ckey: BNIB gready E manage...full kit
[13:45] Airj0ckey: other little toys and stuff
[13:45] Airj0ckey: new body kit
[13:45] Airj0ckey: nismo seats
[13:45] Airj0ckey: hopefully, if her brother doesn't want them.
[13:46] Airj0ckey: now guess the grand total
[13:46] Subl1meRomeo: goodness
[13:46] Subl1meRomeo: finally picked up on the trend that buy OEM = buy once
[13:47] Airj0ckey: who said anything about buy
[13:47] Subl1meRomeo: regardless, my statement fits lol
[13:47] Airj0ckey: a few years ago
[13:47] Airj0ckey: when I had a Z meet, a guy came
[13:48] Airj0ckey: we kinda clicked
[13:48] Airj0ckey: I didn't see much of him for a while, he had major migraines
[13:48] Airj0ckey: his wife posted on a forum
[13:49] Airj0ckey: CTZCC.COM :: View topic - Need help with parts
[13:49] Subl1meRomeo: typical wife
[13:49] Subl1meRomeo: selling her hubbys stuff lol
[13:50] Airj0ckey: she called me this morning, and with in about 2 minutes into the conversation....I had to sit down
[13:50] Airj0ckey: he died
[13:50] Subl1meRomeo: ahhh
[13:50] Airj0ckey: at 28
[13:50] Airj0ckey: I'm still in shock
[13:50] Airj0ckey: so she wants this stuff gone
[13:50] Airj0ckey: I'll take it
[13:51] Airj0ckey: and in return, I'll donate $1000 to her favorite charity
[13:51] Subl1meRomeo: omg lol 1k damn
[13:51] Airj0ckey: she wanted $500
[13:51] Airj0ckey: but I felt bad, so I tossed on another $500
[13:52] Airj0ckey: I just have to snag a truck and go pick up the motor, lift, engine stand, tranny, driveshaft tomorrow
[13:52] Airj0ckey: so now this makes me think
[13:52] Subl1meRomeo: dont hurt yourself loading that ish
[13:52] Airj0ckey: I need to get a will
[13:53] Subl1meRomeo: LOL indeed
[13:53] Airj0ckey: my wife will end up in the same situation one day
[13:54] Airj0ckey: if I die tomorrow, then you guys get everything....spread the wealth, the projects, and pass on to others
[13:54] Subl1meRomeo: i dont think you will die in the car though
[13:55] Airj0ckey: RIP **** ********:( (name withheld until I talk to his wife again and get her permission to use it)
[13:55] Subl1meRomeo: did he die due to health?
[13:56] Airj0ckey: so when the car gets done, I'm going to make up a little plaque or something like "in living memory of ****"
[13:57] Airj0ckey: he was in the navy, had massive migraines. went on disability, was doing experimental treatment, and they say he over dosed on a "one time" medication patch
[13:57] Airj0ckey: which sounds like complete BS
[13:58] Airj0ckey: he just didn't have the time to find the right doctor
[13:58] Airj0ckey: I was always wanting him to swing by, but he was always having headaches
[13:58] Subl1meRomeo: ohh
[13:59] Airj0ckey: I even called his wife years ago...and she said he was resting
[13:59] Airj0ckey: his insurance and ss, and pension has pretty much set her up decently with the kids
[14:00] Airj0ckey: so she not hurting for money, but wanted his stuff to go to a person or group that can use it, what I don't use will go to the CTZCC, and they can raffle it off or something, and she also wanted to see something go to a decent charity
[14:00] Airj0ckey: she's thinking like the battered wives of CT or something good like that
[14:02] Airj0ckey: all she wants to do is see it in a car,get used, and hope he is watching it.
[14:03] Subl1meRomeo: :)
[14:03] Airj0ckey: this might be a sign
[14:03] Airj0ckey: I've been thinking about what engine to toss in the car for weeks...and here it literally falls in my lap.
[14:04] Airj0ckey: I should have some power to rotate those friggen steam roller tires I got...and they might even get warm....
[14:05] Subl1meRomeo: :D

Here's what I got on a piece of paper.

"****'s motor is from an R34 Skyline GTS-T. I don't know how familiar you are with Skylines, but this was the latest generation of that car. This motor was produced from 1998 to 2002. R34 NEO RB25DET with 5 speed transmission 2.5 liter inline six, DOHC, turbocharged. Power: 276hp @ 6400 rpms, Torque: 193 lb-ft @ 3200 rpms"

So that's it, maybe someone up there is looking out for me, or is hinting something.... I did win a $500 scratch ticket the other day....:ph34r:

As soon as somebody buys the brown Z...(I got a deposit today :) )...the rest of the money is going for a down payment to have a shop rebuild it the right way. And I'm going to toss some stuff on this motor to make it the hottest damn thing since sliced bread.

Datsun project price list.

McKinney Motorsports Parts list.

sr20det mount kit 240Z $540.75 USD
sr20det driveshaft $463.50 USD
3" Exhaust system $566.50 USD
throttle cable and bracket $133.89 USD

Subtotal: $2,003.34 USD

Ebay SR20DET S14 front clip $3000+

Arizona Z car

R200 braces... $600

Modern Motorsports

Billet 280ZXT CV Adaptor, 70-78 Z $395.00USD


Strip undercoat, sandblast, weld, cage, swap install and tune $ (his going rate. still waiting on a quote)
SR20DET or L28ET Tuning parts and turbo related parts. $2000ish

Body shop???

Body kit install and paint. $2000-3000

Running total for SR20DET?.................. $16,000

IF I went with the motor I have and parts already... $8,500.

And now that it's heading towards an RB, instead of an SR... items will change. I'm wondering what I should call it now....Ghost Z, Heaven Z,.... other projects are called devil Z, and hell Z.... but I do know it will have a sweet paint job thats based on artwork thats has Blood + (the anime) since I'll prolly have a sweet progression vid done with it's theme song.


Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
going thru the stuff..

Greddy Profec E-01 silver electronic boost controller, display & e-datalogger. $700 NIB

Greddy E Manage piggy-back engine management unit $379 NIB

Nismo 240sx short or quik shift shifter. NIB prolly $200

NRG Oil catch tank. $80

RB Camshaft Sensor $300

MSA Type III Body Kit $600

Pneumatic engine lift $300

New engine stand $50

new creeper, jack stands, jack. $100

And the NEO RB25DET... $2500-3000.

and other odds and ends...

$5700 worth of good sweet parts that I sort of inherited for $1000. :D:mellow::(:confused: <-- strange feeling...

After I get rid of some other parts, clean up the garage, and get a decent deposit ready...the red car is going into a shop to get this little blessing installed professionally. The unused parts are going to CTZCC for sale to the members there or giving to others that can use them.:)


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The kid that we got that car off of,

I'm dating his old neighbor. She said he and his brother were really fucked up.


unimpressed by you
I want to see pictures of this car. Oh wait. I'll probably see the car!

<3 Seriously. That car is going to rock. The project is now in good hands.


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With that kind of logic, it's easy to see why you drive an M.
He tried to boost a delsol... failed... tried to drift a 240sx... failed.... went rally driving in a subby.... failed..... bought a bmw and now tells everyone else "how good it is"

Hugs and kisses Brian!:ph34r:


i don't see how that has anything to do with it.
a) i DID boost a del sol, and it turned out to be a bunk motor that i bought from some douche in cali. didn't feel like spending the money on a new bottom end. "I" didn't blow it up. it was blown up when i put it in.
b) i took the 240 drifting twice i think. once at beave run, once at drift out friday. I hardly built a drift car, and i hardly put the effort into building the car. i threw some coilovers on it and that was about it.
c) the sti never went off road, nor was it ever rallied. then it got smashed by some punks, and i lost the love for it.
d) i bought a bmw, and it's a sick car. i could give a fuck about the 'status' it has. it's a fucking awesome car to drive. period.

back on topic,
the z is a classic. it's old. it's been beat on. it's NOT a good chassis for a drift car. even the pros can't drift that thing. it just doesn't work good for what you want it to do.
you should put that thing back to stock as much as possible, clean up the body, and get a GOOD paint job on it and make it a cruiser.

taking it a step further, where are you going to get a driveshaft for this?
there's custom parts for s13's and s14's for the rb's.
i've yet to see one for a z. maybe they exist... who knows.

your cluster will probably never work again. hell, half of the 240s with rb's in them don't have working clusters.

you're setting yourself up for another project that is just going to nickle and dime you to death, regardless of the near free motor. deep down, you know this, but you don't care because you're in 'lust' with the Z.

I think if you had the Z as a crusier, and an rb s13 as a drift car, you'd have a lot more fun.