Made a couple of purchases worth sharing

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I made a thread on some vintage Klipsch kg3 speakers I refinished and I ended up putting those in my Sunroom against my wife's wishes and eventually I lost that battle so I sold them. They were too big and bulky and she didn't want them + the receiver in there so I sold them. She told me I could put something smaller in there, like bookshelf speaker size or smaller but I was not aloud to run wires so obviously I needed Bluetooth speakers. I'm not really impressed with all the single Bluetooth speakers that are out there from JBL, Harmon, Bose etc....I wanted a 2.0 setup and a Soundbar was out of the question. Money was somewhat of a concern. I had Amazon Gift cards and CC points I could apply towards my purchase so I wanted to make some smart choices. All in all...I ended up paying $2.99 out of pocket.

I almost went with Klipsch R-15PM's at $350.... but ...I looked into a bunch of options including Kanto YUMI's, Presonus Ceres, Thonet and Vander Koloss, Monkey Banana, Audio Engine and Focal XS

But I ended up with these insanely awesome speakers

Edifier R1700BT's

For $150, they are seriously really impressive. Smooth booming bass and clear crisp highs.....Very easy to connect via Bluetooth to any device. My TV isn't Bluetooth so I bought another great device. If you are looking to turn a TV into Bluetooth capable....this little gadget is the answer.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter + Receiver---Works perfectly...after it was setup, connected right to my speakers

And last car doesn't have Audio over Bluetooth...Well it does now..

Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver, Streambot Wireless Bluetooth Car Kits with Hands-Free Calling for Car Stereo System, Dual Port USB Car Charger---Works perfect and the sound is just as good as if it was connected directly to AUX port

Anyway, just thought id share in case anyone was thinking of doing any of the above. I am really impressed with all the above products.
Ive been looking for some bluetooth speakers to replace my old ass 5.1 surround for a while. As much as i'd love to stick with audiophile quality stuff the budget doesnt allow. Bought a shitty little soundbar to hang in the kids play room on black friday. its good enough for the kids room.
a couple weeks ago I went to walmart and they had two Jongo bluetooth/wifi speakers marked down from $129 each to $10 each. Read reviews, and very mixed/subpar results mainly based on the pain in the ass process to get the speakers connected to the wifi. So i took the gamble and bought them.
I figured out how to get them to connect and am happy to have gotten them. They are supposed to compete with Sonos but they arent that good, but definitely a damn good buy at $10 each. You can put them side by side and set them to be a left/right paired set or in separate rooms and synced together so that whatever is played through wifi or bluetooth is played through both.
They sound decent, but I would have returned them if I paid anything near full price. Also, if you want to stream music over wifi it has to be played through their app which blows. Cant play anything but what is actually downloaded on the phone through wifi, so no pandora, prime, etc, streaming, only through bluetooth.

Cuoldn't finish the post last night because of kids. Eventually I will be looking into better speakers to use and will definitely check out those that you bought. That's a good price for bluetooth speakers that are actually good quality.
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