main reason not to drive around with rusty exhaust

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so we finish my swap late saturday night and I start driving around (swap details will be in another post) Tonight I'm on my way home from Chicago. My car was loud all weekend since I have no cat right now and the pipe to my muffler had rusted through and snapped of a few months ago. At some point it starts getting louder and i have no clue why. Then all of a sudden it gets real loud and the floor is vibrating a little.

I roll down the window and hear metal scraping against the ground. I now realize that my center pipe broke right underneath where the shifter is and the resonator is now dragging on the ground. I'm right near my exit and I live like half a mile from there so I decide tpo try and hold out until I get to my house. When I hit the exit ramp the pipe that was dangling by one hanger slides over and the part where the muffler broke off hits against the tire. Hot jagged metal and rotating rubber don't go well together. My tire blows out and I'm starnded with no jack in my car and the key for my locking lugs is at my friends house where we did the swap. My tire is basically severed all the way through in a perfect circle on the inner side. My friend came and got me and drove me around and right now my car has almost no exhaust piping and is sitting on the midget doughnut spare that honda gives you.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 29 2002, 01:14 AM
sweet :)

got pics? perhaps an article for our swap section ? :)

I'll write up something more detailed and articulate for you, that was a basic quick wirte up. I have pics of the swap and the final on normal film I'll get them up as soon as their developed. I'm going to get my digital camera back from my friend tomorrow so i can at least post up some before and after pics.
on another note someone just stole my steel rim with sliced tire on it, it was sitting on the side of my house and I went to bring it in, now its gone. Why anyone would take it I have no idea....
b18b, and I found my rim up the street today, in a bit I'm taking it to the tire place, i think i bought the tire replacement BS they offer so hopefully I get a new one free


wtf was your rim doing up the street ... did it need to run to the store or somethin??? was it hanging out with friends????
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Oct 29 2002, 01:38 PM
wtf was your rim doing up the street ... did it need to run to the store or somethin??? was it hanging out with friends????

lol, who knows but I jumped in my other car to go to work (and i actually had to jump it :() and saw it sitting up the street. I also just dropped it off and all I have to say is thank god I bought the road hazard coverage $15 for a new tire, all I'm being charged for is balancing and the coverage for the new tire