Main relay prob?

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well the topic is basically what is stated above, my car cranks over and there is spark, i noe this because is shocked the shit out of me. (hurts very much by the way) this problem just recently started with my car, i am running a d16y8 in an 90 hatch. the car was running fine untill just recently when it started having problems starting. i noticed that when i turn the car on to the start position, there is no hummmmm of the fuel pump priming hte system as it usually did.

its throwing no codes or any thing of the sort.

pm6 ecu
90 hatchback si
si dizzy

what controls the fuel system on startup? i cant find a fuse for it, so could it be the main relay? or is my fuel pump its self bad. or what else controls the fuel system. . . . . someone please help

i am completely lost as to what to do

thanks guys,
I had the same problem on one of my hatchies and its most likely the main fuel relay that is behind the lever you pull to open the hood its a small black little box with redish brownish on it. and if that doesnt work its your fuel pump. I you have had problems before when starting it its your fuel pump.
Get a multimeter and check the voltage at the harness going to the pump. If there is voltage when you turn your key to the on position the pump is probably bad. You can usually access the harness by pullng up the back seat, or if its a crx by pulling up the glove box.


Definitely a very good chance that it's your main relay... pull it and open it up to see if anything's cracked inside.
9 out of 10 times this will be the main relay, the main relay controls the fuel pump and fuel inj. it is a 7-pin mitsuba rz-0063 it is a black case under the dash.
they mostly stop when it is hot outside, but when it cools down it will start.

I got the same problem on my brothers DX converted to Mini-Me. If I jump the Yel/White and Yel/Blk the car starts right up on the main relay. So would my problem be with the relay?
mother f. we just pulled the tank out of a 90 teg cause i thought the pump went bad cause we stopped getting gas, we pulled the pump and bench tested it and it worked, and i have no power at the harness for the pump under the rear seat. im guessing i could have saved a few hours and just changed the relay huh. looks like i know what i gotta do tomorrow
lol, fuk we dropped the tank on my ef, but oh wells at least i have a new pump and main relay. coulda saved a couple hours n the hot sun. haha live and learn. . . .

thanks guys