maintenance required light??

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anyone know how to make the "maintenance required" light, on a 95 integra stop flashing everytime i start my car???


welp first off that light is telling you you to get an oil change (goes off every 7500 miles i believe)
anyway to turn it off on an integra:
look under the driverside dash kinda close to the center console
you will see a little button ( i think its blue )
with the key in the off position, press and hold the button
turn the key to the on position, dont start the car, still holding the button
after a few seconds, the maitenence light will blink a few times and then turn off
release the button turn the key off then start the car
the light should be off
cool thanks guys. that light has been bugging me for about a week, i just changed my oil about 500 miles ago so the light had to have come on from the previous owners last oil change....again thanks guys


Originally posted by hybrid89@Jun 27 2005, 12:07 PM
Would this be the same for say my 04 TSX. I have the same light and only if I take it to Acura is it ever reset?
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for the 04 TSX you will not have that button under the dash

there should be a button to reset your tripometer (says "reset" on it)
press and hold that button
turn key to on
wait for light to blink then turn off
release button
turn car off and restart it

should be gone

some require you to hold 2 buttons on the center dash area ("SELECT" and "RESET") ... not 100% sure on the TSX

it should tell you how to reset the light in the owners manual


I asked this question about a month ago, I had to call Bill to find out haw to do it.