Making An Automatic To A Manual

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My 98 Civic EX is an automatic, and I want a 5 speed.
I want to make it a 5 speed because I want to put a 97 GSR motor into it.
How much will it cost me if I bring my car in and pay somebody to make it a 5 speed so that I can put the GSR motor in.
I want to put a transmission and clutch in that wont go out on me either.
Whats it gonna cost?


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i've read on this forum if you go to the junkyard, you can get it for around 500. not sure about what parts you need, but anybody know please post, i would like to know this for future reference.


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it would be easier if you did it all at the same time. if you did that all you would need is the GSR engine/tranny (wich should alreaady have the flywheel, slave cylinder, and clutch in it) pedals, master cylinder w/ resivoir, ECU, shift linkage, and high pressure line from master to slave. i'm about to swap mine over in the next few weeks but it's a 99' and the only cutting i have to do is cut a circle hole where the shifter goes through the floor and drill holes for the two shift linkage bolts. if you decide not to do it at the same time then basically you would need a D-series tranny and the parts that would come with the GSR tranny but for your D. i think that should be right, if i missed something then someone correct me.