Manuel To Power Windows Swap

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yo dudes how are you all after this weekend?
well i need some help on how to convert manuel windows from a 92 bubble back to power windows?
what parts do i need? and as far as wiring goes in need some pics, cuz i'm much might i spend on this project?

thanks peace
call a junkyard.... your gonna need the wiring harness, motor, complete door skin, regulator, and maybe a new window (if the brakets aren't the same)
Originally posted by nash@Jan 20 2003, 11:56 AM
yo, well how do i install it once i get the things i need??

thanks peace

ok...... well first off, i've never done it but i've dissassembeled tons of fuckin doors in my day.... first remove all your guts outta it, unplug the harness, you'll find it by the door hinges by just pullin this it comes out, then unplug it...... i'd suggest finding a friend with power windows just to get the gist of how it goes. it's not too hard, but you'll have to know where you should mount the motor, and the regulator so the window goes straight up and down and shit, personally i'd score some new doors with pw before i did a conversion, fuck that.
Its easier to buy a conversation kit from Autolok or Spal. Ask Calesta, he did his. I did it on my s-dime, its VERY easy if you have ANY electrical and wiring knowledge.
oh no shit i didn't know they made kits..... do you still have to buy the door skins what came with pw still though or do they provide them
door skins? you can just recover that part of the door panel so the crank hole is hiden and then cut either the panel or where you want and add the switches. If you are talkn about the actual inside door skin (metal part), then no, you never did, you just mount the motor per instructions. Take the time and do a good aligned job and have a good conversion.

EDIT - AutoLok has a switch that looks like a crank but you just hold it up or down and its really electric. I think it even goes over the crank knob that the manual cranks use.. not to sure. Pick up a Mini Truckn for 3-4 bucks and look in there, they have all the different kits through out.
just buy new doors it might end up being cheaper then poeple think and i KNOW it will be a lot easier....i think you should try this but its only cause im
Originally posted by prawjEKt Cx@Jan 20 2003, 11:52 AM
call a junkyard.... your gonna need the wiring harness, motor, complete door skin, regulator, and maybe a new window (if the brakets aren't the same)

All you need are the power regulator motor switches and some wire the windows are held in buy two bolts that snug the glass the door skin IE the out side of the door has nothing to do with the windows it is the same on power and non power window cars the glass is also the same
If you want to do the swap find a car with power windows and pull out the regulators 2-3 bolts hold each to the inside of the door next take the switches and that’s it for parts ( you need to also take the door panels of the other car if possible so you don’t have to fill in the crank holes in the old ones you will need to buy 5 inline fuse blocks I.e. single fuses to add to the switches next get a wiring diagram for the power windows ( tell me what year of car and I will post them for you a wire up the switches and regulators
You could do this in a day if you get the tools and somebody with wiring ability
?why are we commenting on a thread that is a month old and the guy (nash) who started it hasn't even commented since then......just wondering...
what are you tring to say, last entry. Got a problem.
Don't trash me, maybe i've been busy. I do have a life.

ps never did the swap yet.