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I put a 92 b16a obd1 5spd in a 92 vx civic hatch. I have a p28 chipped ecu, the only code i am getting is code#3. MAP sensor. I looked at the throttle body and the stupid thing has no MAP sensor and there isn't a spot for one.
Is there anyway of getting around it or should i buy a 94-95 GSR throttle body and get a MAP sensor for it (if it will bolt on) or a typr-r one?
use a map from your old engine, and run a vacuum hose to it, and mount it on the firewall. it works fine. i did it until i got my ITR one.
Yea,on our engines over here in Germany,the map sensors aren't integrated into the TB,so it isn't uncommon for them to be missing.Pills_PMD hit the nail on the head.
yup....the b16a I put in my 95ex didn't have a map on the tb so I had to take an external one and mount it to the firewall....

Now if I could only get the damn car running........lmao