map sensor on a h22

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I recently bought a jdm 93 h22a v-tec motor and was wondering if the map sensor usually comes with it?? My buddy looked around the intake and didn't find it is there somewhere else it could be? The map sensor is an expensive thing and I have to buy one if it's not there, does anyone have any experience with buying this motor without this sensor or should it be there? Also is the evap canister a must or can it be by-passed in some way?
My swap came with the MAP sensor. If I remember correctly, on the Prelude, it was firewall-mounted, so it was just kinda hanging onto the intake manifold by the wiring harness and vacuum line.

If you still can't find it (it's pretty obvious), just try a junkyard. Lots of Hondas came with firewall-mounted MAP sensors.