maybe alarm problem?

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i just got my car hijaked. and ofcourse the thief removed alarm block. now i cant ignit the car. and i found some weird cube it's size like 4-5cm. also removed from somewhere.
now the question can be the ignition problem coused by alarm removal?
or what can be the problem. the starter works but cant ignit.
dunno if it the right place to post it in the security forum. sry if smth wrong :ph34r:
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yep this is the right place for it. it sounds to me like that is a relay for either a starter kill or an ignition kill controlled by the alarm. only thing you have to do is find the wire that was cut in half and connected to that relay and just reconnect it. then your car should start if they didnt do anything else to it.


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right this thingy was cut off from under rear seat. fuel injection blocker or smth, but they damaged the device so i just wired wires directly and the car started.