Mini-me Trouble

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I need some help with a mini me. It's a 99 d16y7 with a 98 y8 head. we got the head on the block it runs fine but having trouble wiring vtec. We don't have the ecu but I've read about something called a "rpm switch." I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make this work....


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The risk on using an RPM switch is that you can fry the VTEC selenoid plus you're not getting the fuel maps that the engine needs when going into VTEC- best bet is to get the ECU for the EX, Im not sure about which wire goes were in the '98 ECU but here is what I got for the '95 Ex, at least you can have and idea and you can search it one the Net...

" on to wiring vtec

you need the plug on the vtec solenoid with the cut wires......there should
be 2 wires from the bottom harness......and 1 wire from the spool top

1st harnes( 2 wire one).....
1 blue wire- oil pressure sensor
1 black wire- ground
extend the black wire and run it straight to a good solid GROUND
blue wire should be extended through the fire wall straight to D6 on the ecu

2nd harness(1 wire one)
1 green w/yellow wire- vtec solenoid
run a wire from the green w/ yellow wire all the way through the fire wall
to A4 of the ecu

now....thats 1 wire going to ground....and 2 wires going to the should be NO......I repeat NO check engine
light......unless you didn't hook up vtec rite............."


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Ok, question.
D15B7 Block
D16Z6 Head
D16Z6 Trans
D16Y8 Harness
Yea, does that work? Or is there an easier way to do it electronically?