mini-me turbo!

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Would a mini-me work well with a turbo setup? or do you think i should go ahead and get the d16z6?? i have a CX so i didnt know.. ill be upgrading to pistons and rods!



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ive seen plenty of D16Z6s with turbos ... i dont see why you couldnt do the mini me as well ... it would just require more tuning due to the higher compression


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I have seen a mini-me D15B7 w/ a D16Z6 head turbo'ed courtesy of GReddy's SOHC Turbo Kit. You can only run around 5-6 psi, tho.


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I would say due to the higher compression of the mini me definately do not go over 6 psi! Also definately get an intercooler and BOV! These will help you out so you dont blow shit up. As for the pistons and rods... I really dont believe so. All that I have personally seen was the D16 pistons and rods. One thing you could do is bore your cylinders out so that the turbo D16 pistons fit. But be careful with this cause boring it out will weaken the block. I haven't seen block guards or sleeves for a D15 also. If your interested in turboing it and plan on pushing some ponies out of it. It might be better off if you get the D16Z6. There is ALOT of aftermarket support for this motor!