Minidump Error


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I just put a new rig together. It was going great, but now i get random reboots. It happened when i was trying to copy a cd. Anyone, when it reboots, it says windows has recovered from a serious error. and gives the following: minidump and sysdata.xls error. i have no idea what it is. i have the dump files if anyone can analysis it and tell me what happened.

thanks a lot.


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Mine did that too, ranodomly rebooted, turns out it hated my ram. Actually, not so much hated my ram, but hated the new sticks I added, and the overclock, when I switched back it was fine.

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Yeah, some boards hate some varieties of memory. I might act okay for awhile but in high-ram-traffic work (IE CD burning) it will fail.


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GRR Wintec...I thought i was getting a good deal on RAM (and i did), but the ram only works in low traffic conditions...if i turn on CS:S the computer went dead. Oh well new system rocks my socks, and its got corsair XMS ram.