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I heard you can remove the oil jet (intake side of block between #1 and 2 cyl.) sence there is one in the y8 head in the same spot. Is that true? If so, i have to take the head off again. Will it hurt to keep it in there? And how do you get the jet out? Finnaly, Can i reuse my head gasket? Its a new one. Im running the a6 gasket right now and my cr is 160 psi, a little high. Thanks


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to remove the jet you screw a screw that is close to the diameter of the i.d. of the jet in to it and pull the whole thing out with a pair of pliers.


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yes u have to take it out because vtec will not ever engage if its in there... sorry man but u gotta take it back apart


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To answer the second part of your question, if you have torqued the head down on this head gasket, you cannot reuse it.