mirror compatibility

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Ok so I searched for a list of compatibility between Civic models on the forums because I hate to create a new topic if the information is already readily available, but I've heard conflicting reports now, so I figured I'd ask again:

I have a 4 door 92 Civic LX. I'm wondering which mirrors will fit on it. As I understand it, the 2/3 door mirrors will NOT fit on the 4 door. The question is, are the bolt locations very different on the 96+ 4 door Civics? Basically, is there any other compatiblie mirror besides the one from the 4 door 92-95 Civic? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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Originally posted by TurboMirage@Jun 23 2005, 11:59 PM
92-95 civic LX/EX sedan mirrors will fit. EX mirrors are power too.
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4 door only though.


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Yup. No 96-00 mirrors unless you want to trim plastic. Not sure about bolt locations...