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i have a 18B in my 93 SI.... Today got off the highway in pulled into the driveway and started to smell anitfreeze..... Looked under the car to see a nice small puddle of antifreeze... Couldnt see were it was leaking from cuz i just got off the highway so it was splashed all over.... Fill up my rad wit the fluid it lost....looked for the leak and nothing...... Drove around for a hour still no leakage found... But now when i stop @ a light the temp gauge goes up a bit higher then usual... What could have gone wrong and what do u think is wearing down??? I have 125XXX km and i did water pump,timing belt,seals etc...... Could someone help me out????



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I had something similar...........my problem was that the water pump went to shit, and then the coolant was leaking underheath a tiny holy, which if it does indicates that your pump went.

changed the pump, flushed the system out..and kosher since.


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i had the same problem as well. Mine was the heater hose had a small pin size hole in it. The problem i had was the it only leaked once in awhile.