mitsubishi turb

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my buddy had got a 95 eclipse gs-t and the motor blew up in it. well he said i could buy the turbo from him and i cant seem to find what kind of turbos they have. any help would be appreciated.
going to put it on a new b16 sir II swap in my 93 civic
i believe its a t25. im prety sure the 2gen eclipes had the good turbos crapy bov but you might want to grap the bov anyway with the fmic too. and what ever else there is like extra pipes and shit o yeah the injectors too. but ive heard the t25 cuts out on b series in the top end but im not 100% sure on that. then get a nice mani good fuel management and hve fun.


The T25 on the 2nd gens is smaller than the 14b. The 14b is a better match if you can find it.
i did find out that it should have a t25. but i was wondering how good they do on a b16. i could get it really cheap and i thought what the hell.
too small for a b16
will only hold boost to about 6800 rpms

thats way too early for a b16
t25's came on the RWD Nissan SR20DET motors ( 180sx, s13-15 silvias) and they came stok w/ 205hp, i have seen 300hp on the stock turbo. so i guess you could get around that much power, depending on how the ecu is tuned and how you setup is done. good luck
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jul 8 2005, 11:16 AM
sure- but thats also a 2.4L block with a 6500 redline.

totally different ball game.
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isnt an SR20 a 2 liter? :p
14b is a bigger turbo then the t25 and it spools better i much does he want for it guessing around 300 bucks for fmic piping injectors and the turbo? that would be a hell of adeal...