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i would love to know what drives these people to big ass wings on their cars like that


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holy crap i dont think any of thos guys passed the third grade. second, 932 bhp from that civic?!?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA :lol:


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what's the big deal? They're a bunch of rice boi's. Hell my friend puts 10.34 @ 186 on his p.o.s. caprice window w/ a white paint marker just to laugh at all the dumasses who take it seriously.



0-60 4.6
1/4 9.85

im sorry, but 9.85 1/4 mile with a 4.6 0-60 means hes running 9s at like 80 mph


20 20 hatch

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:blink: :huh: <_< :bs: :thumbsdown: 9 seconds in that sorry excuse for a honda??? i think hes been watching The fast and the retarted alittle too much......

2 litre EG

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i was about to start laughing when i saw craig's car in there... but then i realized that was really his profile lol :p

im sorry but he's full of shit, i dont think he ever took that car to the track, only time i've seen him at the track was to show his car off

B) :lol: :p


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WOW those people r hahahahahahahahahahahahahah yeah right, there the biggest idiots i have ever seen. . that del sol is mass tight tho. ive never seen that done before on a sol.......NICE :D