Modern Day Scifi

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If you hate Sci Fi, now is a good time to watch Sci Fi.

Lets begin with the new classics.

Stargate SG1 now in it's 9th season. The new enemy they've created will go beyond anything reasoned as an enemy. The new Enemy is RIGHT, and spreads the truth about universal life.

Stargate Atlantis: This been a shark jumper, in my opinion. but still some decent watching to watch the Crossovers.

Battlestar Galactica is in Season 2 - And this show is basically The Shield in space. It's an awesome show, regardless of it's setting. The characters are deep and the story line is emotional - It's a very good watch.

Firefly: I said this when the show came out- Western in space. Really, really really good show for action in space. The new movie is coming out (Serenity) and it's going to be a hoot, with some kick ass martial arts (

Then, while checking on the old Joss Whedon crew, I found out that Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be in a new Movie / possibly show called South Land Tales. It's from the guy that did Donnie Darko. (

These new shows are going be completely awesome - And if you're not into Sci fi now may be a chance to check it out - It's going to be celebral as all hell.

-> Steve
i like sg-1 and atlantis, was never a fan of battlestar galactica thogh. havent seen firefly yet but it looks to be alright.

i hate fucking seeing the commercials for b loodsuckers though. that looks dumb as shit.


When I worked at Hollywood, the closing manager made me watch Firefly every single night. It was ok....Nothing special to me though, but she swore it was going to come back and be humongous, which it seems like it is.
Well, back in the day Battlestar Galactica was cutting edge - It had a prostitute, Heathens and a real vulnerability. Even I lost my shit at SciFi when Star Trek was simply doing their "Oh yeah ? Well I have Shield Juice and you can't hurt me !" shit. It seems they had an answer for everything.

But I think today's sci fi is taking a far more real approach to things. Not everything is solved by a hologram, You can't go head-strong into battle with shields, and you can't just beam a bomb onto someone's bridge and destroy them.

-> Steve

That's why Scifi became such shit.
tripping the rift is fucking awesome. wed nights at 10:00. second season just started last week. other than that, sci-fi channel can kiss my ass.
Comcast is pulling SciFi channel from their analog lineup and making it digital-only, like they just did with HBO recently. :angry: The free cable i've been getting for 8 years is getting more and more useless! :D