mods for a stock d16z6


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power upgrades for d16

First what you need to determine is what you want to use your delsol for course, drag, or street, most likely it would be street. Then you need to decide mild, medium or wild upgrades. To keep it simple anything of a 2" exhaust is overkill for a d16 unless you go with a turbo. 4-2-1 head is essential for street 4-1 destroys your bottem end, you also want to make sure the header you get has a long runner before the first curve down to help port flow. A cold air intake or short ram will do but cold air if you a needeing ever last horse power, it is only a 2-3 hp difference. Underdrive pulleys are real nice to have to free up some hp, anywhere from 4-8 hp depending on the build. Don't waste money on a larger throttle body unless you are going turbo but a throttle body spacer will give you a couple horsepower and a little bit of torque. Even a slight change in your ignition timing can give you more horsepower. D16's are good motors not real strong but reliable the factory crank, rods and pistons can really only handle 8-10 psi of boost for daily driving. if you going to run NOS be sure you know what system you have a wet system you would want to install the nozzle and close to the throttle body or right after(via a throttle body spacer with the inlet ports) to lessen the damage may you have a intake backfire plus if you place it to far it might make the fuel fall out of suspension. If you running a dry shot place it as close to the filter as possible so not only will you get the NOS you will also cool the incoming intake charge. Plus remember lightening the car also helps out for every 10lbs. you drop off your car you gain one more whp. if you can think of anything else add it BEST OF LUCK.


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