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I'm just about that action Boss.
Anyone have an ultrawide monitor? Thinking of buying a 34" ultrawide for my home office.

Right now I have a Sceptre 27 and its pretty good in conjuction to a laptop. My wife works from home occasionally and will probably use that. Soon I will be 100% for a few months at minimum and part time after. I was thinking of getting either a 34" ultrawide or 2 24" or 27" monitors and a stand/arms for the back of the desk.
one of our mac guys has an lg ultrawide at the office. its alright. i would only say good luck drawing shapes on it, lol.
I have a 24 now and i couldn't imagine a bigger one unless it was wall mounted and further out from me.

i had a 30 at one point, but like all samsung things, it broke after a year.

i don't think i'd want dual 24s either.

so, if you're thinking 27 isn't hacking it, i have no valid comment for this thread.

IMO, try turning them to landscape mode. less scrolling, no super wide crap.
Ya, The wife will be most likely using the 27 I have now. Will need to add at least one minimum with an arm. At current office, I have 2 24's on arms and a 60" lol all set to the docking station. Camera, mic/speaker, etc as well.
I have a 27 at the work office.

We have a 32 at our home office. Outlook looks ridiculous :)
what did you end up with? I need a new monitor for the new job. They sent me an XPS with no ports other than usb-c which is nice and modern but annoying too. So, i'm thinking i'm going to get a usb-c docking station and some monitor set up, unsure what.

ultrawide? how did it work out. the comment about shapes -- is everything skewed for other people? does my rectangle look like a square?
cross team shares? do you mean sharing your screen in an office?

you mean showing apps on-screen with folks around you?

the screen looks nice... if it's a visual angle issue we provide these lazy susans for some folks. it's a great idea.

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yeah, like if i share mydesktop over teams, which i do all the time, is it going to look all wack for those on 16:9 ?
I have a USB c hub to all my stuff... keyboard/mouse, monitor, power, webcam, big TV, etc.

I got a LG 34 ultra wide on a single arm and my laptop on a stand. I put my webcam over the right section so my image is centered. It works great for sharing as I can break it up into virtual monitors or just share windows. I mostly share specific windows anyways. Often I present to partners and I use my laptop screen in presenter view swapped and it works wonderful as I can keep my video conference window front and center.
yeah makes sense! Brian i was asking around about the ultrawides, just display your app in window view instead of fullscreen ;)
So i'm down to these last couple options and i can't decide.

I have a $500 home office setup credit to burn and all i need is a monitor. I already have BT kb and mouse and using mouse without borders to get one set for both my work and home laptop without having to toggle the mouse all the time. the kb has a quick button to tab over.

the laptop is 4k i think
3840x2400 is recommended resolution at 250% scale.

stupid, honestly. i set it to 1920x1080 at 100% and it looks the exact same.

so with that in mind, i'm thinking a 16:9 in 4k might be a better option. But, i don't know that i want all the height. I had a 30 before and it was too much head turning to see the whole thing at desk distance.

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In the ultrawide side,

This one is so cheap i'm tempted to just buy 2 of these and have one for each system

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i don't game or really need any high hertz graphics, won't watch movies on it, etc

This one is slightly bigger/better for quite a bit more but doesn't have usbc, so i'll need to run some usb hub which adds at least 60 bucks on to it.

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I need to decide by tomorrow because working on the laptop is just not cutting it. not enough room for teams and onenote open at the same time with a screen share in action.
I think I have that 34 LG and an Anker USB c hub Velcro to below the laptop stand. I got the monitor from the warehouse for $200. I like it. Basically it's 3 tiled views. At a distance I have to wear my glasses. I got a single arm and put on it and it's great.


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So I chickened out on the ultrawide, mostly because it's only 1080p on the height.

went with a standard 16:9 27"

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i had a 24 and i thought it was plenty big, so i don't want to go over kill. but having 4k will be nice.
usb-c, 1 cable for power and data will be nice to just run everything off my laptop :)
no, the chain is

wall - laptop (usbc power) - 2nd usb-c out to monitor (no power cord needed for the display)

the monitor then has a usb hub to charge a phone, etc from the monitor outputs.