More New Parts For Me :) :)

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got my custom 3" exhaust setup today, along with a 3-core pwr radiator and fal slimline fan

check it

3" SS is sutom
cat = car sound 3" both sides
muffler = magnaflow- straight through for shizzy





Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Feb 7 2003, 03:55 AM
nice! hmmm that looks like mandrel bent piping! B)

i wouldn't have it any other way =)

3" mendrel y0! full stainless steel


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b. i thought you were going to go theremal exhaust? At least now you can get rid of that shitty rice muffler that sticks up in the air


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:D damn B it must be nice bein rich.... your gonna have a bad ass car when your through with everything keep it up :D


Originally posted by eyesonlybob@Feb 8 2003, 09:42 AM
did you order the exhaust piping from somewhere online or have it made in sections in town?

i got it from a guy in florida whos running a group buy on h-t

Rich? no- not really. I'm working 3 jobs right now so I can finish my car for mid may- Drag wars- May 31st :) I need to be ready

Thermal doesn't make a 3" for the del sol. I would have had to cut the HB one about 3", and then get it custom fitted for about 550 shop work. I paid 350 shipped for all this- including the carsound cat.