motor going, need new one, possible itr swap

My motor looks like it is going out. Burning 2 quarts of oil a week, spitting oily water out the tail pipe. My mechanic is saying that it is cheaper, easier, and more reliable just to replace the motor. So now i am thinking of an itr swap. I already have an itr tranny and axles but was thinking of getting a full swap anyways then selling the gsr motor with itr tranny as a fixer-upper. do you guys think this is a wise move? Or if i get just a b18c5, can i run it off a p72 ecu, gsr intake mani, and dc gsr headers, until i get the itr stuff? What do you think my best course of action is and where the best place to get the new stuff would be? Also, if i do the full swap, how much do you think i could get for my existing motor/tranny with 68k miles on it?


your motor and tranny only has 68K miles and the motor took a shit???
something doesn't add up there
you beat the shit out of it or what?

and sounds like it could be head gasket...
which is not hard to fix if you know what you're doing...
does the car overheat? or idle bad? or anything other than use 2 quarts and pump water out the exhaust...?

and it sounds like your mechanic doesn't know the cost of vtec motors, or else i doubt he would say its cheaper just to get a new motor...

he might be trying to fuck you on this one perhaps?


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why would the intake manifold and exhaust manifold not come with the ITR motor?

buy an ITR long block from, use the tranny that you have and you're set

and sure sell the GSR motor- in fact, rather than sell the whole thing as a fixer upper, part it out, you might make more money- and if you want to get rid of that GSR tranny in the car, i'd me MORE than happy to buy it off ya
yeah, it idles fine but goes through oil like mad. no external leaks seen/detected. My guess is piston rings. bought the car in november. tranny went out in in jan and replaced in late jan with a jdm itr tranny with brand new from honda axles, cv joints. This mechanic is a family friend so i know he aint trying to fuck with me. In my mind it almost seems easier just to replace it because i don't have time to keep putting this thing in the shop because i am a full time college student. looking at a few motor options. another b18c1 is proving very hard to find. I have found full swaps for the japanese itr motor, tranny, ecu, axles for around 4000 on ebay ( or ) Then how much do you think i could sell my gsr motor (with blown piston rings and possibly honing/boring) with jdm itr tranny, brand new from honda itr axles, cv joints, dc headers, and gsr ecu for? Or should i just rebuild it? Please help me i don't know what i should do.


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the only advice i can give is beware of ebay motors- I almost bought one on there, but i am glad i didn't- you never know what you are going to get- and the "low mileage" motor they're sending could have the shit beat out of it- you're best bet is to go and buy the motor from a reputable source like or the like- the few extra hundred dollars you spend now will pay off down the road


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you could probably get $500 for that blown gsr swap with the itr tranny.. so you should buy an itr from hmotorsonline and sell your swap to me.... for $500.... :D


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just build the motor, for less money you can build it up decent i would think but if you cant doing any of the work yourself then just buy the itr long block. your tranny alone is worth more than 500, atleast 800-1000 if it isnt grinding gears.
yeah, the tranny is perfect, only been in the car for about 2000 miles. axles are brand new, cv joints are brand new. head on the gsr motor was just redone. I just can't do the work myself because i have no place to do it or time to do it. I will probably sell the tranny for 1300 obo, the axles/cv joints for 1000, and the motor for 1000. i'll also have shift linkages too. But i'll know more on that tomorrow.


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just take a day (Sunday) to change out the headgasket. If it still burns hella oil then do what you gotta do. Try to change it out first though.
dude- rebuild.

bearings, new domed pistons, stonger rods, and some gaskets and you are talking 1000 tops for name-brand parts, and with the added compression you can get from aftermarket pistons, you will make even more power than before.

fuck an itr swap for no good reason