Motor Mount Removal

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Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to remove/replace the rear motor mount in a 92-95 civic (eg). I need to completely remove it for replacement but i can't picture a logical way to remove it. From the top, bottom? Do I need to unbolt the linkage? Any help will be appreciated.


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removing the engine isn't difficult. here is how its done.

remove all hoses and remove the shift linkage. then, after everything else is loosened including the transmission mount and driver's side mount go underneath the car and remove the bolt that connects the mount to the car. at this point the trnasmission side mount and driver's side mount will be supporting the motor and transmission. next, remove the two lower bolts on the rear engine mount leaving one bolt remaining. this way, the rear mount will pivot up and down making it easier to remove the motor.

also, its impossible to fully remove the rear mount while the motor is still in the just let it hang off of the motor when you're lifting it out. if you look at this for a while you should see what i'm trying to describe. good luck...and make sure you have the hoist supporting the motor and a jack supporting the transmission while you're in the process of removing the mounts.


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Thanks for the help. In other words I have to remove the engine completely to replace the rear mount and then bolt it back up.


not completely... but you need to lift it up a good couple inches to get the mounts in there.... kinda piviot it


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it's a bitch to do it without having it removed... we wasted more time trying to slip it in.... it would have been quicker just to unbolt the other mounts and move the engine up a bit